It’s All About Relationship.

We have found our church home. 


After weeks of wandering, and having visited six or more congregations, we have returned to, and are settling into, St. David’s in the Pines Episcopal Church in Wellington, Florida.

It is not about the preaching, although that is biblical and well done.  It is not about the music, even though it is wonderful.  It is not about the style of worship, which feels like a foreign land to me.  It is not about the programs and activities, although we are welcomed to participate.

It is about the people.  Father Steven Thomas is gentle and compassionate, like our West Virginia pastor, Bert Coffman.  The congregation is phenomenal. Their love for the needy and disadvantaged is evidenced in many ways.  A diverse group, of many races and ethnic origins, they share the love of Christ with one another, and with the stranger, who is a stranger only once.  I know few names, as yet, but I recognize the faces, and they smile and speak in recognition of my face.  Today, walking down the aisle after worship, I was startled as a gentleman caught my arm and hugged me, saying, “Have a wonderful week!” 

And that is why, for this portion of my personal safari, St. David’s is my home.  Loving relationship is the answer to many of life’s questions.


About Rev. Carol Crawford Rowe

Mother of two, Grandmother of six, Widow of two, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Minister and follower of Jesus Christ, Author, Lover of Life, Avid Reader, RN, Nurse Educator and Psychiatric Nurse, Retired Pastor, still in active ministry in the marketplace.
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