I Am So Spoiled…

I am ashamed to admit that, after less than one week here in this beautiful place, I am feeling frustrated and annoyed.  The space is smaller than even my smallest dorm room.  Fortunately, my room mate is beloved and cooperative, but we can not pass each other without touching.  We have covenanted to pass facing each other, so that we hug as we pivot to change places.  That will help us laugh together and not growl at each other, but the space is still so small!

The first time that I attempted to cook a full meal, I blew the electrical breaker by plugging in too many appliances at once.  Part of dinner was hot and part was lukewarm, by the time I figured out that we are – literally – living in Green Acres.  Does anyone remember that show?  It was a comedy to watch, but not so funny to live.

Today, we have uninvited guests – ants.  My back still aches from moving.  My hair has not adjusted to the humidity, so I look raggedy and unkempt.  And the heat – well, if you are complaining about cold weather, come on down.  It is still HOT here, too hot to be outside, so we are back to my complaining about the small space in this motorhome.

I feel guilty and ashamed.  We have fresh running water, indoor plumbing, electricity (even if I can not plug in everything at once, beds that are comfortable, food to eat (even if it has to be cooked in stages), maintenance people who will spray the ants, a beautiful pool, laundry facilities, free Wireless connections, complimentary coffee, and professional security people.  We are near to world class medical care.  The campground manager has given us her personal cell number, in case we need her in the night.

So many of the world’s people have no place to lay their heads.   They are hungry, sick, terrified, abandoned, alone in an uncaring world.  They carry their few possessions with them, in a blanket if they are lucky enough to have one.

God, please forgive me when I whine.  I thank you for this space, for this wonderful person who shares it with me, and for all these blessings that I gladly receive.  Help me to share more freely and live more joyfully in your gracious love.

File15  File3

Pam, the manager of this great place.               A glimpse of our home from the back side.

Photos of reality from http://www.incourage.me/2011/09/how-not-to-get-lost-in-translation.html

clip_image001 clip_image002

clip_image003 clip_image004

clip_image005 clip_image006


About Rev. Carol Crawford Rowe

Mother of two, Grandmother of six, Widow of two, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Minister and follower of Jesus Christ, Author, Lover of Life, Avid Reader, RN, Nurse Educator and Psychiatric Nurse, Retired Pastor, still in active ministry in the marketplace.
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One Response to I Am So Spoiled…

  1. jennifer mckenna says:

    God’s people have always complained on the journey, the Isrealites started right after being liberated from Egypt! You can complain and whine all you want, at least on line(:

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