Carol Crawford Rowe, R.N., M.Div.

Carol Crawford Rowe wears several hats, but usually none at all.  She prefers to be bare-headed, so that new experiences and experiments may find her open and available.

Twice married to ministers, after being widowed for the second time, she heard God’s call, completed seminary education, and became a minister herself.  As a registered nurse, she was an educator, administrator, psychiatric nurse, and therapist/counselor.

Officially retired from gainful employment, she is free to pursue her interests of reading, writing, sewing, cooking, baking, traveling, and encouraging her children and grandchildren to be(come) all that God has called them to be.

Easily bored, she does not appreciate the repetitive tasks of housekeeping or crafting, but shopping is still a delightful enterprise.  She wants to share ideas, joy, and a sense of God’s personal love with all.

Her writings are primarily in the form of reflections and letters, soon to be gathered into a book for her family and friends.

Carol lives with her best friend, adopted sister Abby.

You are invited to engage in dialogue with Carol as you choose.  She cherishes new contacts that may blossom into friendships.  You are welcome here.


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