Finding Home

image A guest blog by Dr. Abigail E. Reynolds.

What does it mean to find “home”? It is a term easily thrown about, yet so many wander the planet, devoid of “home”. Or perhaps they have found “home” in their wanderings.

The Nomadic peoples of the world have home with them wherever they journey. It is the tent, or hut, or…

I am following the blog, Discover, Share, Inspire, a family of seven traveling from Alaska to Argentina. They are living in a pickup truck with a roof top tent. Everything they have is in or on this truck. They are at “home”.

I read about a family in Wales living in an “earth home”. This home is made of all natural and available products found in nature. You can read more at A Low Impact Woodland Home.

In one sense of the word, my sister and I have been “homeless” for nearly 5 years now. That is not to say we have been without a house or shelter. It just means we have not felt “at home” for this period of time.

For the past four years, we lived in a small house my mother owns in a small WV community. The house never felt like home to us. There are a number of reasons, which I will not go into here. It is enough to say that we never were able to feel a part of the community, or to feel settled within the four walls of the tiny structure.

The sadness of this experience is that we really wanted to be “at home” here. When we moved, we burned our boxes, and settled in, thinking we would live here for the rest of our lives. Didn’t happen.

Last month, we gave away much of what we had. We stored what was left and loaded our small 21 foot motor home with essentials and left for Florida …for the winter? Spring, too? Six months? A year? More?

Our tiny space of 21 feet feels more like home to me than just about anywhere I have lived since childhood. The motor home is ours. We own it. We can go wherever we want to go in it.

So what makes it feel like “home”?

It is a nest. A small and comfortable dwelling.

It is a refuge. A place of safety from an encroaching world of unknowns.

It is a sanctuary. A place to meet with God and those God sends our way.

It is a retreat. A place to curl up with a good book while hearing the rain hit softly on the roof.

It is home. A place to run to and be greeted when I need to feel love and acceptance.

I have felt love by those who occupied the other places I have lived. But this is different.

Home, I guess, is one of those terms that you cannot describe, but you know when you arrive. And I have arrived at this moment in time and place to my home. It is small, has shallow tent pegs, and does not offer a lot of spread out room. But it is home because I know it is.

So here are five questions regarding home as posed on RevGalBlogPals. What are your answers?

1) Where was your first home? My first home of memory was in Middlesex, NJ. A small cracker box home, painted white, where Mother and Father, along with my younger brother and I, enjoyed early years of growing up.

2) Do you ever dream about places you used to live? Yes. When I was about ten, we moved to Hagerstown, MD, into a large colonial home with a huge yard. The yard had cherry trees, and plum trees. They were wonderful to eat in the summer time, right off the tree. My parents sold the house when I was about twenty years old. I have lived in many places since then, but none has felt like home, until now.

3) If you could bring back one person from your past to sit at your dinner table, who would you choose? I would like to bring back Father Davies. Father Davies was our parish priest in Hagerstown during my growing years. He was a good and kind man, who always encouraged you to be the best you can be and not to be afraid of ever trying something new. I would like to thank him now.

4) What’s your favorite room in your current living space? It really is more of a space than a room, since our motor home is one small room, with everything from living space to sleeping space, with a kitchen and bath thrown in for good measure. My space is the sofa that turns nightly into my bed. It is comfortable and cozy. I can snuggle in to read, play on the computer, or just sleep and dream.

5) Is there an object or an item where you live now that represents home? If not, can you think of one from your childhood? The outdoor night light. We leave it on when coming “home” after dark. It is a light that beckons us welcome. It is a light that guides us to the front door. It is a light that illuminates our path.

But as much as this feels like “home”, there lies within my breast a deep, longing desire, to finally arrive at my permanent home with my Beloved. His name is Jesus. And in His Father’s house are many dwelling places. He has gone to prepare one just for me. When it is finished, He will come for me and I will finally go “Home” once and for all. I can almost see the front porch light on now.


About Rev. Carol Crawford Rowe

Mother of two, Grandmother of six, Widow of two, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Minister and follower of Jesus Christ, Author, Lover of Life, Avid Reader, RN, Nurse Educator and Psychiatric Nurse, Retired Pastor, still in active ministry in the marketplace.
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